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Body Mass Articles


It is possible to shoot to injure with a pistol

An apple can make you go belly-up

LONDON: People with apple shapes, or large bellies, are more likely to die from heart disease than those with pear shapes, where the fat is on the hips, a Dutch study has found.

More experts on the way, experts warn

When specialist opinion is at odds with reality, trust your own judgment, writes Michael Coulter.

No funerals, no kids, no wrinkles: a magical world that never says die

Once, as a peripatetic postgrad, I spent a chill fortnight as house guest of a woman who, although attractive and educated, appeared distinctly standoffish. This I politely put down to congenital Britishness (hers). Then, one lunchtime, she sat me by the AGA (uh, no, not as in Khan), fed more

Cameras no albatross for sea bird

JAPANESE wildlife researchers have given a whole new meaning to the phrase "bird's-eye view", strapping tiny cameras on albatrosses to unveil their lives on the remote Southern Ocean.